Sign the petition to recognize
Central America as a region HIGHLY VULNERABLE to climate change!

Central America is one of the world’s regions most vulnerable to climate change

However, there is no political will or interest in acknowledging this situation during the global climate talks. Can you believe it?

2.5 million people in Central America are at risk of suffering hunger due to the drought and other consequences of climate change and more than 50% of the population lives with less than 1 dollar a day!

Central America is Vulnerable

In Central America, 43 million people face the dangers of the extreme events associated with climate change which jeopardizes the water supplies and the access to adequate food and decent livelihood.

The situation is so critical for the region that the Climate Risk Index for 2014 placed Honduras as the most vulnerable country in the world and the most affected by climate change in the ultimate 20 years, while Nicaragua and Guatemala are among the 10 most affected countries. It should also be noted that 95% of the population in El Salvador lives in high-risks areas.

Why should I sign?

You can help change this situation, with one simple but powerful action: sign the petition and help the communities and the social, environmental, indigenous, women and youth’s organizations of Central America that are demanding to the Presidents and Heads of State of the Central American Integration System (SICA) and participating in the Conference of Parties (COP21), to recognize Central America as a highly vulnerable area of strategic interest. With this recognition, we can make sure that new resources are channeled to the countries of the region to promote actions in favor of disaster prevention and adaptation to climate change, attending the most vulnerable sectors and promoting the citizens participation.

There are less than 100 days left before the COP21 in Paris, and this is our only opportunity to make the voices of millions of people in Central America heard. Help us reach our objective and together let’s make history.

With your help we will make sure that the Heads of State reunited in the COP21 stop talking and start acting!

Time is running short!